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Itasca Retail has been doing CGO longer and better than any software company in the industry.

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What They’re Saying About Itasca Magic

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    “We are already better at ordering accuracy, staying in-stock, and reduced overall store inventories.”  
     Jack DePeters
     SVP Operations, Wegmans
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    “It’s so easy for store people to use, an 8th Grader could do it.”  
     Clinton Keay
     EVP Technology & Transformation Office, Sobeys
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    "We are now looking for the ceiling on sales. Prior to Itasca, we were constraining them by our ability to work incoming product to the shelves."  
     Kevin Konkel
     Chief Operating Officer, Raley's
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    “CGO  [Magic] is part of who we are today; it’s culturally who we are.”
     Lillie Cruikshank
     VP Merchandising Transformation, Sobeys